Restaurant Manager Jobs in the UK With Work Permit

Restaurant Manager Work Permit in the UK

Restaurant Manager jobs in UK are the most sought after work profiles in the hospitality industry. The employers always seek to hire young skilled foreign workers, professional and experienced youth, who can work efficiently and are able to work in the UK for long duration.

One of the leading industries in the United Kingdom, hospitality industry attracts several trained youth, young professionals, skilled workers etc for restaurant manager jobs in the UK from India. The country’s well developed cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Swansea etc provide work opportunities to several hospitality staff members, particularly to applicants seeking restaurant manager jobs in the UK from India.

Experienced and trained applicants, having prior work experience in hospitality industry as restaurant managers and assistant restaurant managers, required academic qualification and skill training should get in touch with leading immigration consultant to know about job opportunities, immigration pathways, eligibility criteria to secure restaurant manager work permit in the UK.

The residents of the United Kingdom come from different backgrounds and culture. The multicultural society in the UK loves to taste different food items from other countries and this boosts hospitality, restaurants, food chains, catering, recreational parks, food and beverage industry in the UK. In order to serve people and contribute to the nation’s economy, employers always look out for right and ideal candidates for restaurant manager careers in the UK.

The work opportunities in the United Kingdom provide trained professionals and skilled workers safe and secure environment, quality life, ideal work conditions and other benefits. The residents, who love to taste great food from different countries of the world, also welcome trained professionals and skilled workers seeking restaurant manager jobs in the UK from India.

The growing hospitality business in the United Kingdom requires restaurant managers, who can manage daily operations smoothly and efficiently while serving the customers in a pleasant manner. This clearly indicates that the UK work permit for restaurant managers can lead interested applicants in the direction of success and stability. Interested applicants must understand eligibility criteria before seeking restaurant manager jobs in UK with work permit.

Restaurant Manager Jobs in the UK

Reasons to Seek Restaurant Manager Jobs in the UK With Work Permit

  • Hospitality business is growing rapidly in the United Kingdom
  • According to the British Hospitality Association, the hospitality industry is the third-largest in terms of generating employment and job opportunities
  •  According to British Hospitality Association, it contributed to around £65 billion to the GDP of UK in 2016. This is why the hospitality industry is considered one of the strongest pillar in the UK’s economy.

What is Restaurant Manager Work Permit in the UK?

In order to retain efficient manpower and run business smoothly, the UK employers hire young professionals, trained youth, skilled workers to work in the country under the Tier 2 visa program – also called point based skilled worker visa program. Applicants must secure Certificate of Sponsorship (a valid job offer) to get job in the UK as restaurant manager from the employer having Home Office Sponsor Licence.

Interested and talented applicants can apply to secure restaurant manager job in the UK with work permit to have a stable career in a developed economy. Under the UK work permit or skilled worker visa program, seekers of restaurant manager jobs as well as those working in jobs (skills) that are listed on the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List, can easily get work opportunities if they meet all eligibility requirements.

The shortage of efficient and talented manpower in the UK hospitality industry for restaurant manager jobs make employers hire right and ideal candidates from countries like India.

What are The Key Skills Required for Restaurant Manager Jobs in the UK?

➡ Leadership
➡ Attention to details, particularly to food preparation and production
➡ communication
➡ client servicing
➡ positive attitude
➡ problem solving and conflict management
➡ Team management

What are Eligibility Criteria For Restaurant Manager Jobs in the UK From India?

Interested applicants, willing to get the UK work permit or skilled worker visa programme, must secure Certificate of Sponsorship or a valid job offer from a Home Office Licensed Sponsor (employer in UK). It is important to note that eligible applicants must meet eligibility criteria of in order to secure the certificate of sponsorship.

The applicant must get the minimum salary threshold of £25,600 or more through the valid job offer (certificate of sponsorship).

Applicants applying for restaurant managers and assistant restaurant managers positions in the United Kingdom must meet below-mentioned eligibility criteria –

  • Education – Class 12 (minimum)
  • A valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer holding a valid Sponsor License
  • Language proficiency skills (IELTS – 5 bands in each module or section)
  • Prior work experience of 8-10 years in related field (hospitality industry)
  • Security clearance certificate
  • Sufficient funds

Under the point based system of UK work permit or skilled worker visa program, applicants get points for education, certificate of sponsorship, prior work experience as restaurant managers, and language skill categories. Applicants should have good academic records, good score in IELTS (language proficiency test) and relevant work experience of 8-10 years in order to gain maximum points. Please make a note that interested applicants for jobs in the UK as restaurant manager must score a minimum of 70 points to qualify for the UK immigration. Also, the work permit or skilled worker visa programme or Tier 2 (General) sponsorship immigration pathway must match the government’s annual intake limit and must fulfil ‘shortage occupation’ criteria.

The UK work permit or Tier 2 (General) sponsorship allows experienced professionals, talented and trained youth as well as skilled workers to earn good salary (in foreign currency) and have promising career in the United Kingdom. The UK skilled worker visa program allows applicants for restaurant managers jobs to work and stay in the country for the duration of five years. The duration of visa can be extended if applicants are able to find either new job or employer in the United Kingdom.

Experts suggest that interested applicants can save time, money, energy and resources, if they seek views and guidance from one of the best work permit visa consultant – Hire Indians Immigration Services. The support and suggestions from the trusted consultant will give them clarity about the UK work permit visa requirements.

What is the Application Process to Secure Restaurant Manager Jobs in UK With Work Permit?

As suggested by experts, interested applicants can apply for the UK work permit visa three months before the day of joining work place in the UK. The date of visa application will be included on the certificate of sponsorship (or valid job offer). It is important to note that eligible applicants must submit relevant documents in ready to use format along with visa applications such as proof of identity, work experience certificates, academic credentials, language proficiency or IELTS score, skill training proof etc.

Applicants living outside the UK get a response on visa applications within three weeks if they meet all eligibility criteria for job of restaurant manager, while those living in the United Kingdom receive response in eight weeks.

In case of skilled worker dependent visa applications (for spouse and children), applications can be submitted along with the skilled worker visa of primary applicant.

Please note that the skilled worker dependants are allowed to work after meeting certain requirements. They are allowed to study or pursue postgraduate academic courses after fulfilling eligibility criteria for the same.

Which Documents are Required to Get Restaurant Manager Jobs in UK From India?

The applicants willing to get job as restaurant manager in the UK must have below-mentioned documents –

➡ Valid Certificate of Sponsorship from an employer
➡ Salary and details of job responsibilities as restaurant manager
➡ Current passport and travel history
➡ Proof of age
➡ Educational certificates
➡ Relevant work experience as restaurant manager
➡ Language proficiency score
➡ Security clearance certificate
➡ Proof of enough funds

Applicants must apply for the skilled worker dependent visa, if they wish to bring spouse and children to the United Kingdom. In such case, the main applicant must submit following documents in order to secure skilled worker dependent visa:

➡ Marriage certificate
➡ Proof of age (birth certificate) for children under the age of 18 at the time of submitting visa application

The skilled worker dependent visa holders do not have access to any public or welfare funds. In case of primary applicants, they are not entitled to avail pension schemes or welfare funds.

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What are Responsibilities of Restaurant Manager in the UK?

  • Efficient restaurant operations
  • Maintaining the restaurant’s revenue
  • Supervise food production, quality of meals, and customer-service standards
  • Coordinating daily restaurant management operations
  • Delivering superior food and beverage service and maximizing customer satisfaction
  • Responding efficiently and accurately to restaurant customer complaints
  • Coordinate frontend and backend operations
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Estimate provisions required in kitchen and cleaning products
  • Actively involve in promotional activities of restaurant in local communities
  • Train new and current batches of restaurant staff to provide quality services to customers
  • Organise and supervise staff members

Why us?

Securing job in the UK as restaurant manager/ assistant manager is not an easy task. Applicants must understand the entire process from a trusted immigration consultant like Hire Indians Immigration Services. The consultant assesses the application, help applicants to select right immigration pathway that suits them and support their career goals, documentation, co-ordination and so on. In order to get restaurant manager jobs, must aware themselves about immigration trends and updates on the UK work permit. The consultant facilitates the best guidance and services to applicants in order to help them achieving their dreams of migrating to the United Kingdom and have a successful career as a restaurant manager. Contact us NOW!

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