British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

One of the main Canadian provinces, British Columbia offers immense opportunities to prospective applicants to work and stay in this province through British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. It welcomes applicants having right skill set and knowledge who can be productive at professional front as well as contribute to the country’s economy. British Columbia also attracts many international students, young graduates, entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts in order to carve sustainable career in the province.
The British PNP sends an invitation to apply to eligible candidates who have temporary visa; those who have a job offer from a designated employer in British Columbia; and young graduates willing to work and stay in province. Eligible candidates can apply for Canada Permanent residence after receiving nomination certificate from British Columbia province. This Canadian province has major industries such as hospitality, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), mining, food processing, forestry, healthcare units, and so on.

Key Highlights of British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program —

  • Minimum work experience of nine months to two years
  • Job letter required from a designated employer in British Columbia
  • Fast processing of visa application
  • Great opportunities for skilled workers, young graduates, professionals, entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts

British Columbia PNP streams –

This comprehensive program is designed and framed to support economy and fulfill requirements of labour market in British Columbia. The inclusive society in British Columbia embraces immigrants, skilled workers, international graduates, young professionals from all corners of the world. The immigrants can also avail social welfare schemes run by the federal government of Canada.
The British Columbia PNP offers different immigration streams to prospective applicants:

  • Skill Immigration – Express Entry
  • Skilled worker category
  • Healthcare professional category
  • International graduate category
  • International Postgraduate category
  • Entry level Semi Skilled worker category
  • Entrepreneur immigration
  • Regional Pilot
  • Strategic Projects category

Skill Immigration – Express Entry

Started in 2016 by the British Columbia province, the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) is a point based system of selection. It allocates points to immigration seekers based on certain factors such as age, academic credential, work experience, skill, language proficiency and offer of employment. Please note that Skill Immigration BC is a separate program and has its own eligibility requirements though the applications of candidates in the British Columbia province are aligned with the Express Entry program. This indicates that applicants should fulfill requirements of both Express Entry draw and British Columbia PNP under this category. All selected candidates by the British Columbia province also get 600 additional CRS points in the Express Entry program.

British Columbia (BC) PNP

Skilled Workers Category

In order to apply under this stream, candidates must have basic educational qualification, relevant skills, at least two years of work experience, offer letter from a designated Canadian employer in British Columbia, meet all eligibility criteria, have minimum language proficiency.

Healthcare Professionals Category

British Columbia is opted by many health professionals like nurses, physicians, healthcare practitioners etc seeking to work and stay in Canada. Prospective candidates must have relevant academic credentials, work experience of two years in healthcare industry, language proficiency mark in IELTS and so on. The healthcare professionals and practitioners who can apply under this category are —

  • General Physician
  • Healthcare Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Registered (Trained) Psychiatric Nurse
  • Physiotherapist
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Medical Radiation Technologist
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Occupational Therapist

International Graduate Category

This category is ideal for fresh graduates and international students willing to work and stay in British Columbia. Meant only for students, who have graduated in past three years from a recognized Canadian academic institute or university, the stream requires full-time job offer letter from a designated employer in British Columbia, fulfillment of employment criteria and language proficiency.

International Postgraduate Category

This category is apt for prospective candidates, who have received post graduate or doctoral degrees from recognised institute of higher learning in natural, applied, or health sciences in British Columbia. In order to get through visa application, aspirants must fulfill basic educational qualification, willingness to work and stay in British Columbia, sufficient funds, language proficiency, and an offer letter to work in in-demand occupation. The candidates under International Postgraduate Program should have studied one of the following topics:

  • Agriculture
  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Computer and Information Sciences and support services
  • Applied Health Sciences and Healthcare Studies
  • Conservation of Natural Resources

Entry Level Semi Skilled Worker Category

Meant for semi-skilled workers or those candidates, who have just started their professional journey, this stream demands basic educational qualification, at least nine months of work experience in tourism, hospitality, food processing or long haul truck driving, language proficiency and work assignment with a designated employer at the time of evaluation of application.

Entrepreneur Immigration

This stream grants opportunities to entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts willing to invest in a locally operated business in British Columbia or set up a fresh business. This stream also provides opportunities to both business managers and owners, if they have sufficient funds for investment and sustenance. Further, candidates can apply for Canada Permanent Residence after receiving nomination certificate from British Columbia.

Regional Pilot Category

Started in 2019, this stream applies to business owners willing to start a new business venture in a small community. The selected applicants will receive work permit and must run a business for at least 12 months. Eligible candidates must have language proficiency, a minimum personal worth of CAD 3,00,000 besides having minimum experience of three years in business management during last five years. The selected candidates should have an approved business plan that has potential to provide employment to Canadians and permanent residents. The prospective candidates should have 100% ownership of the previous business or entity.

Strategic Projects Category

Under this category, corporate and business entities are allowed to establish offices in British Columbia. The company or entities can nominate up to 5 people or officials to secure Canada Permanent Residency. Please note that the corporate and company must have strong financial background, legally viable resources, sound credibility, good track record and a proposed list of eligible candidates (workers) to secure PR. The overall worth of the company must be CAD 20,00,00,000 and a minimum equity investment of CAD 5,00,000. The company should be able to create at least three additional jobs in Canada.

Application Procedure for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia PNP has easy application process compared to other immigration streams. It has three key steps –

  • Step 1 – Secure a full-time employment letter issued by a designated employer in British Columbia. The applicant should be working under the employer during the processing of visa application. Please note that job letter is not required if a candidate receives an academic degree from British Columbia University or any recognized educational institute
  • Step 2- Applicants will receive a score generated through British Columbia points calculator
  • Step 3- Profile of candidates will enter into applications’ pool for selection. The British Columbia authorities will select candidates having highest CRS points.

British Columbia (BC) PNP Processing Time

The processing time for British Colombia PNP depends on several factors such as credentials and profile of candidate and immigration steams. Generally, applications are assessed under British Colombia PNP in four months, while some applications are assessed in less time depending on case file and profile of applicants.

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