Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

AIPP-Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) fulfills demands of labour markets and skill-bound industries in four Atlantic provinces viz Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Started in 2017, the program aims to help immigrants and their families to work and settle in Canada. According to rough estimate, the federal government of Canada aims to offer work opportunities to approximately 7,000 immigrants under AIPP by 2021.

What is Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

It is termed as a mutually beneficial immigration program that supports both immigrants and Canadian employers willing to hire young skilled workers and professionals to smoothly run domains and industries in Atlantic provinces. The AIPP Canada focuses on five priority areas – innovation, retaining skilled workers through immigration, trade and investment, developing infrastructure and support climate change.

Every year designated Canadian employers scan various applications of foreign skilled workers and immigrants and employ them based on academic credentials, work experience, skill, knowledge, adaptability as well as requirements of labour market.

The Atlantic Canada immigration provides ample job opportunities and growth areas such as skill-based industries; real estate and infrastructure development; trade and investment; entrepreneurship and innovation; agriculture; mining etc. Experts believe that securing AIPP Canada jobs becomes easy if candidates seek help from immigration expert.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) fulfills demands of labour markets and skill-bound industries in four Atlantic provinces viz Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island. Started in 2017, the program aimed to help immigrants and their families to work and settle in Canada. According to rough estimate, the federal government of Canada aims to offer work opportunities to approximately 7,000 immigrants under AIPP by 2021.

AIPP Canada

How Does Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Work?

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP is an employer-driven program that facilitates the hiring of foreign skilled workers and professionals. It is important to note that candidates seeking Atlantic Canada immigration must have relevant work experience, language proficiency, a job offer from a designated Canadian employer and a settlement plan. Also, candidates are required to fulfil eligibility criteria of AIPP Canada in order to receive a job offer from designated Canadian employer.

Like other immigration gateways, the AIPP Canada does not require Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The other advantage of AIPP is lowering of language threshold for candidates.

After job offer is accepted by the candidate, the designated employer contacts the candidate with a designated settlement service provider organization for needs assessment and to develop a settlement plan in Atlantic province. In some cases designated employers also support candidates and their families to settle down under long-term integration plans. This helps candidates achieving their settlement plan goals after reaching Canada.

In order to successfully migrate to AIPP Canada, candidates must seek support from trustworthy immigration consultant to avoid any miscommunication and loopholes in documentation.

If designated employers need to fill a job vacancy on a short notice, then they must access a temporary work permit in order to facilitate Atlantic Canada immigration for candidates and their families. In such cases, in order to secure the work permit, candidates must have:

  • A valid job offer from Canadian employer
  • A letter issued by the provincial authorities
  • A commitment or willingness to apply for permanent residence within 90 days of the temporary Canada work permit visa application

Key Highlights of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • Many opportunities in traditional and emerging industries in four provinces of Atlantic Canada
  • Fast track application process, specifically in Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)
  • Inclusive society in four Atlantic provinces
  • Access to social and healthcare benefits to all skilled workers, immigrants, professionals and their families and dependants
  • Express Entry aligned PNPs help candidates to enhance CRS points
  • AIGP does not require prior work experience
  • Under Atlantic Canada immigration, the language threshold for Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP) and Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP) has been lowered compared to other immigration programs

Profile of Atlantic Provinces

  • Nova Scotia – Known as the biggest and wealthiest of the four Atlantic provinces, is popular for shipbuilding industry and naval bases. This Canadian province is rich in natural resources, particularly coal and fishing. It has good prospects in tourism industry. Its provincial capital is Halifax
  • New Brunswick – This Canadian province is majorly covered by forests. The key industries found here are shipbuilding, logging, lumber mills, gas stations, media organizations, retail stores, and so on. The Bay of Fundy, which is home to the highest tides in the world, is located on its southern coast. Its provincial capital is Fredericton.
  • Prince Edward Island – This smallest province in Canada in terms of both land area and population survives on industries like potato farming, agriculture, fisheries, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), aerospace, tourism, bio-science, and so on. The inclusive society in this province is home to many families of Scottish, Irish, English and French origins. The provincial industries have been employing immigrants in last two decades under PEI PNP. Its provincial capital is Charlottetown.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – This Atlantic province relies on industries based on oil and petroleum; natural resources; tourism; general administration; healthcare and so on. The diverse society in this Canadian province embraces immigrants from different backgrounds and nationalities. Its provincial capital is St John’s.

AIPP Canada Gateways

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has two programs for skilled workers and one program for international graduates (AIGP):

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)
  • Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

Cndidates must fulfil below-mentioned eligibility criteria for Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP) and Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)

  • Academic credentials equivalent to Canadian education system
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 band or English proficiency test (IELTS)
  • Relevant work experience of at least one year or 1,560 hours (30 hours per week) during last three years
  • Valid job offer from a designated employer based in either of Atlantic provinces
  • Candidates’ willingness to work in Atlantic provinces
  • Sufficient funds
  • Endorsement Letter to secure Canada PR
  • License proof of professional operational in Atlantic Canada

Please note that eligible applicants with a job offer from designated employer in Atlantic Canada can also apply for Canada Permanent Residence (PR) or approach Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC). It has been observed that IRCC grants Canada PR to most of the applications under this program within six to nine months.

Also, the language threshold for AHSP and AISP has been lowered compared to other Canadian economic immigration programs.

Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)
This program helps international students and young graduates in Canada or those who have secured degree from certified Canadian institutes to receive Canada Permanent Residence without having prior work experience. As AIGP is not Express Entry aligned program, the applications are considered on first-come-first-serve basis.

The minimum eligibility criteria for AIGP is —

  • A degree, diploma, certification course or apprenticeship followed by post-secondary education (Class 12) for at least 2 years from certified academic institution located in Atlantic Canada provinces
  • Full-time international student in Canada for a period of at least two years
  • Lived in Atlantic Canada for a minimum period of 16 months in last two years before receiving certification
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 4 bands or English proficiency test
  • Sufficient funds
  • Provincial Endorsement
  • License proof of professional operation in Atlantic Canada

In order to retain talented young graduates and international students in reputed industries, the AIGP expedites applications on fast track mode. Hence, it opens gateway to secure Canada PR without hassle. Interestingly, the Atlantic Canada is gradually focusing on higher education and research studies that attract a lot of international students to pursue higher education in Canada.


Other gateways for Atlantic Canada immigration

The Atlantic provinces also offer immigrants to work and stay in Canada through their respective Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). The PNP gateways successfully allow skilled workers, immigration aspirants, young professionals, entrepreneurs, international graduates, and start up enthusiasts to contribute towards economy as well as growth and development of these regions.

Since 2017, all Atlantic provinces have introduced at least one PNP aligned to the federal Express Entry program. It helps eligible candidates to secure bonus points and improve their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Here is a list of Atlantic Canada Immigration PNPs

• Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
• New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
• Newfoundland And Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)
• Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

How Long Does it Take to Get Permanent Residence Through AIPP?

The online applications in AIPP are processed separately from Express Entry profiles. In fact, in some cases, candidates, who are not eligible to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, declared qualified for AIPP. It is possible due to lowering of threshold of language proficiency criteria and requirement of less number of years of relevant work experience. It helps candidates, who are stuck in Express Entry pool, to qualify under AIPP.

It is important to note that Atlantic Canada immigration does not have points system. It is purely run on a first-come, first-served basis for its Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP) and Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP). The candidates and international students also got some flexibility in Atlantic International Graduate Program from 2019.

How Can A Candidate Get Job Offer In AIPP Canada

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Canada is a fast-track immigration program that allows designated Canadian employers to hire foreign skilled workers and professionals to work in specific Atlantic province. It is important to note that designated employers are allowed to hire skilled workers if they are unable to identify right candidates among local citizens and residents for job vacancies and occupations.

The AIPP Canada allows designated employers to identify, hire, support and retain talented skilled workers and professionals. The Atlantic Canada immigration program also aims to increase employment rates and helping efficient skilled workers to stay comfortably in Atlantic provinces.

Candidates must secure a valid job offer from designated Canadian employers under AIPP. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program facilitates immigration for skilled workers and professionals who fulfil the following criteria –

  • Relevant work experience of minimum one year in last three years
  • Academic credentials – Senior Secondary Education (Class 12)
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) — Reading – 3.5 band, Listening – 4.5 band, Speaking – 4 band and Writing – 4 band

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