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Canada Work Permit for Restaurant Managers

Restaurant Manager is one of the most popular job profiles in Canada. Canadian employers always look out for young skilled foreign workers, who can do the work efficiently and can work in restaurants for long duration. Young candidates, who have work experience in restaurants, are interested to immigrate to Canada due to country’s cultural diversity, Canadians who would love to taste great food and favourable policies for immigrant workers. After working for some years in Canada as Restaurant Manager candidate can secure a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. The Restaurant Manager job has found place in National Occupation Code (NOC) list.
The residents of Canada are from different backgrounds and culture. People would love to taste different food items from other countries. This assures growth of hospitality, restaurants, food chains as well as food and beverage industry in Canada. The country requires Restaurant Managers, who can manage daily operations smoothly as well as welcome and serve the customers in a pleasant manner.
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A major market research firm IBISWorld states that food chains and restaurants have expanded their menus due to changing consumer preferences.

The report of IBISWorld says that the fast food restaurants industry in Canada has been growing rapidly since 2014 due to changing consumer taste. More people in Canada are spending money in buying fast food. People are more interested in buying products such as coffee, smoothies and salads, resulting into increased profit margins.

The growth of restaurants and fast food chains indicates need to skilled and efficient people to run these outlets. Thus, Canada requires young skilled Restaurant Managers to join the industry.

Understand Canada Work Permit

The Canada Immigration process requires certain steps, including documentation and co-ordination with authorities. Candidates must meet all eligibility criteria and have considerable work experience as Restaurant Managers. The immigration authorities may reject job applicants that are unable to meet minimum eligibility criteria. Fill this form to check your eligibility criteria for vacancies for Restaurant Managers in Canada.

Checklist for Aspirants of Canada

Work Permit

  • Two years supervisory work experience in particular skill.
  • Grab an employment offer letter by an employer who has secured Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Restaurant Managers are very much in demand in provinces like British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.
  • Secondary Education (10+2). Proficiency in English – Speaking, Reading Listening and Writing. Candidates seeking work opportunity in Canada as Restaurant Manager must have Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 (Reading – 4 band, Listening – 5 band, Speaking – 5 band and Writing – 5 band).
  • Good medical condition.
  • Security Clearance Certificate from Regional Passport Office.
  • Sufficient funds and strong financial condition.

Job Titles for Restaurant Managers in Canada

Restaurant Managers eager to work in Canada can apply under these job titles/roles mentioned in NOC list —

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager
  • Food Service Supervisor / Shift Manager
  • Team Member

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Job Opportunities for Restaurant Managers in Canada –

The average salary for entry level Restaurant Manager in Canada is $14 to $19 per hour (approximately), while Canadian experienced ones can earn $40,961 per year (approximately). Some cities pay really well to Restaurant Managers such as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Regina that pay them from $32,032 to $34,113 per year.

Restaurant Managers are very much in demand in Canadian provinces like British Colombia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

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Job Responsibility of Restaurant Managers in Canada –

Restaurant Managers in Canada get several chances to make good use of their knowledge, skills and experience. Restaurant Managers perform these tasks in Canada –

  • Plan, organize, manager and supervise overall operations on daily basis of a restaurant, food chain, cafeteria and food and beverage areas
  • Hire junior staff and manager training for staff members
  • Monitor work schedules and performances of staff members
  • Manage items required in restaurant and food chains
  • Suggest practices for improvement in operations of restaurant
  • Supervise price and stock of inventory and items required in restaurant
  • Welcome and greet customer nicely
  • Follow hygiene and safety rules in restaurants
  • Make a list of suppliers for price negotiation
  • Identify opportunities for expansion of restaurant and its growth
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