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Canada Work Permit for Chefs and Cooks

There is a huge demand of chefs and cooks in Canada in 2020. The skill has found place in National Occupation Code (NOC) list. Trained chefs and cooks have good scope of growth in Canada. The country has people from different cultures and backgrounds, who like to have food items and preparations from other countries. Thus, the hospitality industry and restaurants require chefs and cooks, who can prepare delectable food items and hold mastery in cuisine of a specific country. Restaurants and food joints always need chefs and cooks who can prepare dishes that are popular among the people.

  • According to rough estimate, there are over 4,575 jobs in Canada for cooks in 2020 in various provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and so on.
  • Curious to know whether you are suitable candidate for vacancies for chefs and cooks in Canada? Fill this form to check eligibility and receive professional guidance on Work Permit for chefs and cooks.

Growing Need of Chefs and Cooks in Canada in 2020

  • Increasing demands of professional chefs and cooks to serve people from different backgrounds, traditions, lifestyle and culture
  • Growing demand of chefs and cooks who specialize in preparation of specific cuisine and food items
  • Good pastry chefs are well-appreciated in Canada
  • Good scope for chefs and cooks in theme-based restaurants and food chains having presence in every metro city in Canada

Understand Canada Work Permit

Checklist for Aspirants of Work Permit for Canada

  • Work Experience in particular skill
  • Grab an employment offer letter by an employer who has secured Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Chefs and cooks are very much in demand in provinces like British Colombia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.
  • Secondary Education (10+2). Proficiency in English – Speaking, Reading Listening and Writing. Candidates seeking work opportunity in Canada as chef and cook must have Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 (Reading – 4 band, Listening – 5 band, Speaking – 5 band and Writing – 5 band).
  • Good medical condition
  • Security Clearance Certificate from Regional Passport Office
  • Sufficient funds and strong financial condition

Job Titles for Chefs in Canada

Chefs and cooks eager to work in Canada can apply under these job titles/roles mentioned in NOC list —

  • Executive Chef (Head Chef)
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef de partie
  • Demi Chef de partie
  • Commie I
  • Commie II
  • Commie III
  • Line Cook

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Job Opportunities for Chefs and Cooks in Canada

The average salary for entry level chefs and cooks in Canada is $14 to $ 19 per hour (approximately), while Canadian experienced ones can earn $40,961 per year (approximately). Some cities pay really well to chefs, cooks and culinary experts such as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Regina that pay chefs and cooks from $32,032 to $34,113 per year.

Chefs and cooks are very much in demand in Canadian provinces like British Colombia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Interested to apply for job opportunities for chefs and cooks in
Canada? Fill this form to check eligibility and receive professional guidance from leading immigration experts.

Job Profile of Chefs and Cooks in Canada

Chefs and cooks working in Canada get many opportunities to showcase skills and make good use of their knowledge and experience. Chefs and cooks are supposed to perform certain tasks which are mentioned below –

  • Discuss, plan and contribute towards food preparation.
    Trained chefs and cooks actively work in the kitchen of several
    restaurants, establishments like hospitals, catering services and so on.
  • Chefs working with employers like wedding planners and event managers discuss and plan menus for wedding, banquets, parties, social gatherings and functions.
  • Chefs and cooks plan menus without compromising the quality of food.
  • Chefs and cooks also help in making estimate of food items, cost of labour and grocery.
  • Chefs also monitor cooking activities of cooks to maintain food quality and standard.
  • Chefs also plan and help managers to arrange props and accessories required for repairs and to decorate the venue.

Job Responsibility of Executive Chefs and Sous-chefs in Restaurants in Canada

  • Plan and prepare/cook special meals or special dishes such as soups, pastries, non-vegetarian meals, sauces, special salads for special occasions and functions. They also help in creating attractive food displays and accessories for banquets and social gatherings.
  • Chefs supervise junior cooks about food preparation, cooking methods, spices, garnishing and display of food items on the table
  • Explore new cooking methods and innovative recipes.
  • Monitor overall stock in the kitchen and requirement of
    manpower to run the kitchen smoothly.
  • Chefs in restaurants also plan menus of breakfast, lunch and dinner on daily basis
  • Chefs keep a tab on getting quality grocery items
  • Monitor activities of expert chefs and junior cooks and kitchen staff
  • Explore and try new cooking methods and recipe
  • Help in planning menus and buying quality items for food preparation
  • Make a list of latest cooking equipments required by kitchen staff for healthy and efficient cooking.
  • Discuss and plan special meals and special foods for
    specific occasions and functions.
  • Suggest and plan groceries in advance for the smooth running of kitchen.
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