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Hire Indians Immigration and Educational Services is one of the leading consultants that has created benchmark of success in Canada immigration and work permit processes. Started in 2010, it has been gaining trust of many aspirants from diverse backgrounds by supporting them in hassle-free immigration and securing work visa.

An ardent follower of professionalism and work ethics in the field of consultancy, Hire Indians Immigration and Educational Services embarked on a journey to provide holistic guidance to immigration seekers and sensitise immigration seekers about visa process.

It has been persistently guiding and facilitating seamless visa processes for skilled professionals who aspire to work, live and study in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and United Kingdom.

The Hire Indians Immigration and Educational Services takes great pride in successfully facilitating Canadian work visa applications for over 300 applicants.

With increasing demand among young professionals and skilled workers to migrate to Canada and other destinations, the consultant is committed to continuously help immigration aspirants to equip them with correct knowledge, immigration rules and updates, provide holistic guidance about visa process, empower them to take informed decisions and carve bright future for themselves in robust economy of Canada.

The authorized consultant has been helping many aspirants to change their lives and enhance job prospects and work opportunities in Canada.

Our Team

Our team of efficient and knowledgeable counselors offers, assists and supports aspirants to sail through immigration policies, law and regulations listed under Global Immigration Act. The team of trained counselors guides and assists candidates to check their eligibility for immigration before commencing visa process and documentation. The team of counselors apprises aspirants about required educational, financial or personal credentials for smooth immigration process.
Based in Delhi-NCR, Hire Indians holds expertise in Canada and Australia Permanent Residence (PR) process as well. With immense pride and honour, we have made significant contributions towards empowering many lives by helping them achieve commendable success in their career in Canada, Australia, UAE, New Zealand and United Kingdom. In the process of providing skilled manpower, the consultant has collaborated with and gained trust of several prominent organizations, various illustrious employers and authorize associates as well as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) members in Canada; Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) in Australia; Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) members in the United Kingdom; and form a pool of efficient workforce in these countries.

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The recent news reports suggest various renowned firms are shifting their base to Canada in the wake of restrictive immigration policies imposed by USA during last year. This resulted into a hike in number of skilled workers required for efficient and smooth operations in several organizations in Canada.
Hire Indians extend support and assistance to skilled professionals, who aspire to work, live and study in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Go ahead and embark on the path to growth and progress! Fill this form to check your eligibility.


The immigration and work permit process can be an overwhelming experience for many candidates. Hire Indians Immigration and Educational Services is committed to fulfill dreams of an aspiring skilled workers and young professionals by providing them best work opportunities in Canada and other countries as well as create a pool of professional resources and trained manpower in various domains across the globe. The support is provided by consultant at the stage of counseling, evaluation, application, documentation, co-ordination and immigration. Fill this form to receive guidance on jobs and work permit in Canada in 2020.

The well-known immigration and work permit consultant and recruitment experts extends guidance, end-to-end support and professional assistance to skilled workers, professionals, entrepreneurs, students and visitors for smooth visa process.

Work Permit Assistance

Owing to the low cost and effective benefits of employment opportunities available in a high tech country like Canada Work Permit is considered as one of the best possible avenues of immigration to Canada. Hire Indians is proud to have a long list of candidates to secure jobs under Work Permit and make a bright future.
The team of professional counselors in Hire Indians helps aspirants and skilled workers to identify core areas of employment listed under National Occupation Classification (NOC) in different provinces of Canada.
The consultant makes candidates understand ways to meet their professional acumen with country-specific requirements, hence maximize the chance of securing work opportunities through various gateways and Permanent Residency. Adopting holistic approach, the professional assistance by counselors helps aspirants to optimize visa, immigration and Permanent Residency prospects in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UAE.
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Our Achievements

Some of our clients are consistently contributing towards robust economy of Canada. They have transformed their business, established startups and expanded services in 2019 to make it a top economy. The country has immense pride on these stalwarts and influencers. These financial champs are role models for young and vibrant communities.
Here is a glimpse of major institutions where our clients have carved a niche for themselves and are making positive contributions in Canada –

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There are 60 avenues for immigration to Canada. Fill this form to assess your eligibility. We will soon get in touch with you.

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